Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tool #7: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

My project would  be to compare physical activities in other parts of the world.  At the recent TAPHERD clinic, a speaker shared her experiences on a recent trip to Finland.  Finland is doing great things in education and physical education is given a high priority.  I think it would be worthwhile for the students to pair up with students from Finland and compare activities and games. Why are they so successful in education?  What games are they doing that make it so enjoyable to later go back in the classroom and thrive.  How often do they take breaks to enjoy recreation?   I would like to implement this next semester.  I would have the students use skype so the students can meet and setup blogs for shared responses.  I would want them to share some of their favorite games and how they implement for large groups.  Is the atmosphere competitive or social?  How long do they engage in games?  These are some of the questions they could share.


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