Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tool #11 - Self Assessing and Reflecting

I am just now be exposed to the laptop and hope to get one through out Booster Club.  I think the filming and utube videos that I could use for teaching would be limitless.  I have dabbled with the app called "coaches eye" that is one of the best in filming frame by frame and allowing coach/athlete to break down jumps, throws, hand-offs, running form, etc.  Also, showing the Health & Fitness students videos while teaching new sports and games is invaluable to their learning.  Having a laptop to record times and keep this information is essential to coaching.  I plan to use the coaches eyes and other apps in Track & Field coaching and with Health & Fitness students.  Feedback is important to teaching  Also, I want to setup a playlist so I can use music in the classroom to keep the energy level high.    

When I first came on board and was told that I would need to use technology, I thought to myself "Technology in the classroom is great but how can that be done in Health & Fitness?"  My eyes have been opened to the many ways this can be done both in teaching and coaching.  Students learn differently and as educators we must adapt to their changing needs.  They are on the superhighway and we must join them to teach them!

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