Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tool #6: Using Web Tools to Promote Discussion in and out of the Classroom

For your Tool #6 Post:

  1. Choose at least two of the tools from the above list. Create an account for each (if required) .
  1. Use each of the tools you choose to create a sample of how you would use it in your classroom.
I will use twitter to communicate short bursts of information related to practice times, bus departure tiimes, etc. This will reduce the confusion that existed this year supported by the numerous text messages I received the day prior asking. I will also use facebook to communicate team information.

  1. Embed the sample (preferred) or link to the URL.
  2. Share your thoughts on how you see the tools being integrated into your classroom. How do you see them encouraging participation?
Regardless of the many team meetings, newsletters, emails to parents, and white board messaging, the student-athletes seemed to never quite know practice time starts and bus departures. This created frustration on both sides which I feel could be reduced with better use of technology.

Tool #5: Producing with Web 2.0 Tools

  1. Use at least two of the tools above to create products. Think about your content. Create a “set” for one of your lessons! Or, consider providing the site as a choice for your students to create products. Make a model for a student created product.
  2. Then, embed both products in your blog or link to the products from your blog.
  3. Describe for your readers how you think each tool can be incorporated into your classroom - how you could see the tool being used by you instructionally and your students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or topic in your classroom.

Tool #11 - Self Assessing and Reflecting

I am just now be exposed to the laptop and hope to get one through out Booster Club.  I think the filming and utube videos that I could use for teaching would be limitless.  I have dabbled with the app called "coaches eye" that is one of the best in filming frame by frame and allowing coach/athlete to break down jumps, throws, hand-offs, running form, etc.  Also, showing the Health & Fitness students videos while teaching new sports and games is invaluable to their learning.  Having a laptop to record times and keep this information is essential to coaching.  I plan to use the coaches eyes and other apps in Track & Field coaching and with Health & Fitness students.  Feedback is important to teaching  Also, I want to setup a playlist so I can use music in the classroom to keep the energy level high.    

When I first came on board and was told that I would need to use technology, I thought to myself "Technology in the classroom is great but how can that be done in Health & Fitness?"  My eyes have been opened to the many ways this can be done both in teaching and coaching.  Students learn differently and as educators we must adapt to their changing needs.  They are on the superhighway and we must join them to teach them!

Tool #10 - Underneath it All - Digital Citizenship

Three things I would want me students to know is the difference between appropriate and inappropriate posting. What they post could affect their reputation and others? I have heard that never post anything that you could not afford to be on a billboard in Houston with your name attached. Secondly, the dangers of the credibility of what they find on the internet and the fact that anyone can say anything and say it is the gospel without any source and/or research to support. Another point would be the safety of navigating the internet and what to do in the case of cyber bullying. I would show them one of the lessons from isafe. I would share my ideas in a lesson and go over this during Parent-Teacher Open House.

Tool #9: Incorporating Classroom-Based Devices as Tools for Learning

  1. A laptop has multiple uses with coaching and teaching. I could use the laptop to video the athletes for feedback on form and techniques. This screen allows great use of viewing as well which was not always easy with a video camera. An app I have recently been introduced to is called "coaches eye" which provides great frame by frame analysis. I would also use youtube to show teaching videos. I recently did this to introduce the game - Team Handball. Although it a fast-growing sport, many Americans are not aware of the game and rules. I found a short video provided by "USA Team Handball" that shows the sport in action and reviews basic rules of the sport.

    I would allow the students to use their cell phones to show utube videos. I could setup the laptops and give them view access. Also, the screen in the gym could be utilized.

Tool #8: Taking a Look at the Tools

  1. Download apps for use (coaches eye, Ab workouts, etc)
  2. Connect to iTunes
I will also be able to use the device to check roll which will be especially useful in the gym. I will be able to manage the device by using a sign out system whenever people need to use it to do research on a particular topic. I could setup a music playlist which provides for a more energetic atmosphere for working out.

Tool #7: Reaching Outside your Classroom: Online Digital Projects

My project would  be to compare physical activities in other parts of the world.  At the recent TAPHERD clinic, a speaker shared her experiences on a recent trip to Finland.  Finland is doing great things in education and physical education is given a high priority.  I think it would be worthwhile for the students to pair up with students from Finland and compare activities and games. Why are they so successful in education?  What games are they doing that make it so enjoyable to later go back in the classroom and thrive.  How often do they take breaks to enjoy recreation?   I would like to implement this next semester.  I would have the students use skype so the students can meet and setup blogs for shared responses.  I would want them to share some of their favorite games and how they implement for large groups.  Is the atmosphere competitive or social?  How long do they engage in games?  These are some of the questions they could share.